Samuel is a paraplegic teenager who lives with his mother, Elena, in a majestic estate, immersed in nature and isolated from the rest of the world. The boy appears to be growing up in a wealthy and caring home, dividing his time between piano lessons and a packed routine of duties and rules, including being forbidden from ever leaving the house and grounds. The arrival of teenage maid, Denise, will bring a little sunshine into the boy's strict routine, accentuating Samuel’s desire to explore the outside world, but his mother will continue to closely monitor all of his movements, should he dare to even consider breaking their most important rule of all…

Film Credits

Roberto De Feo
Margherita Ferri
Roberto De Feo
Lucio Besana
Massimo Rigo
Ginevra Francesconi
Gabriele Falsetta
Francesca Cavallin
Justin Alexander Korovkin
Maurizio Lombardi
Justin Korovkin

More Information

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Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Released:9 September 2019
Duration: 107 min
Genres: Horror Suspense/Thriller

The Nest

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