Iben, Malene, Anne-Lise and Camilla are four women working together in a daily routine marked by power struggles, whispers and alliances. When Iben and Malene each receive death threats, they start to suspect a Serbian war criminal, whom they have been writing articles about. However, when a case of bullying in the office escalates, they slowly begin to wonder if the evil comes from themselves.

Film Credits

Jesper W. Nielsen
Miriam Nørgaard
Marcella Linstad Dichmann
Signe Emilie Bjørke
Christian Jungersen
Christian Torpe
Sidse Babett Knudsen
Amanda Collin
Danica Ćurčić
Magnus Krepper
Sergej Trifunović
Lene Maria Christensen

More Information

The Exception (Undtagelsen) Logo
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Released:22 January 2021
Duration: 115 min
Genres: Suspense/Thriller

The Exception (Undtagelsen)

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