Mark Gentile, an attorney and automotive company executive, travels to Italy after a major humiliation in business. He returns to the tiny village of Acerenza, visiting the vineyard where he grew up and finds it in a state of disrepair. Mark gets an idea to bring the overgrown property back to life and start producing wine again. Mark convinces various denizens of Acerenza, each with their own comedic personality, to aid him in this seemingly impractical effort, promising everyone a share in the business if it is successful. Concerned about his sudden and lengthy trip, Mark is joined by his wife Marina, and his twenty-something daughter, Laura, who’s purpose is lost. But when Mark gets a serious offer to run another company, he abruptly packs up and heads home, leaving his daughter to run the winery, something she never planned to do as a career. Laura is furious with Mark, but then learns that his choice will ultimately benefit the vineyard and bring true prosperity to Acerenza.

Film Credits

Sean Cisterna
Kyle Bornais
Willem Wennekers
Paula Brancati
Wendy Crewson
Tony Nardi
Ken Cancellara
Joe Pantoliano
Tony Nappo
Rita del Piano

More Information

From the Vine  Logo
Country: Canada, Italy
Language: English, Italian
Released:10 September 2021
Duration: 97 min
Genres: Comedy Drama

From the Vine

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