Music is Mathieu’s (Jules Benchetrit) secret. It’s something he doesn’t dare discuss with the gang he hangs out with in the projects, where he’s from. But when one of their petty burglaries almost lands him behind bars, the National Music Conservatory’s director, Pierre Geithner (Lambert Wilson), gets him out in exchange for community service.

But Pierre has something else in mind... Having detected in Mathieu the potential to become a great pianist, he signs him up to the national piano competition. As Mathieu enters a new world, whose codes and etiquette he doesn’t know, he is taught by the uncompromising “Countess” (Kristin Scott Thomas) and meets Anna, with whom he falls in love. To succeed at this competition, which will determine all their destinies, Mathieu, Pierre and the Countess will have to learn how to transcend their prejudices...

Film Credits

Ludovic Bernard
Mathias Rubin
Eric Juhérian
Ludovic Bernard
Johanne Bernard
Kristin Scott Thomas
Lambert Wilson
André Marcon
Jules Benchetrit
Karidja Touré

More Information

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Country: France
Language: French
Released:10 July 2020
Duration: 105 min
Genres: Drama

In Her Hands

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